Savitri Era welcomes Auro Truths

Savitri Era’s welcome of the Auro Truths website is appreciated and well-received.

As is rightly observed by TNM, the task of fighting falsehood is likely to be an uphill task. But the journey uphill is as rewarding as the summit that is sought to be attained. Moreover, the investment that is made in this direction is independent of the results that might be obtained, because in spite of our individual or collective efforts Truth shall always prevail and falsehood can only tumble downhill and finally disintegrate into dust. Our efforts here are only designed to hasten this inevitable downfall.

With regards to “talking to masks”, explicit anonymity should not be mistaken with deliberately deceptive identities, i.e. like the many names that have surfaced in recent times with some self-appointed title or another (Professor so and so…). Shying away from a dialogue because of the lack of a visible face shouldn’t become an excuse to runaway from the loud and clear voices of reason and sanity that seem to have struck a chord.



About Auro Truths

A blog that is meant to share and present information in as truthful a manner as possible in response to false, inaccurate or misleading information on Sri Aurobindo or his Ashram.
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