About us

We are a group of individuals who have come together to initiate a service of providing information that is as authentic, verifiable, balanced  and as truthful as possible.

We prefer not to be named and identified, not because of a lack of courage or straightforwardness, but because we believe that this website belongs to all those who want to make the effort to find and get closer to the Truth.  This website is therefore an open source and a platform that belongs to all those to participate in this effort. The ownership therefore extends to all those who share their information on this website.

Moreover, we believe that the moment identities are revealed people look for motives and agendas and one gets stereotyped. We may get categorised as pro-establishment or anti-rebels or seekers of favours or whatever. Somebody will dismiss our work based on our identity, or we will create enemies. Instead we want people to focus on the information and the work and not the people doing it.

Lastly, we do not claim to posses the Truth, but we believe that we can help remove those obstacles that come in the way of or obfuscate Truth – especially those obstacles that are in the form of deliberate misrepresentation and distortion of facts or the creation of myths – by providing more reliable, accurate and  complete information.



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