Introduction (OF)

The Overman Foundation (OF) ( was founded by Anurag Banerjee and is supposedly dedicated to the mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as understood by the founders and administrators of this website. What is meant and understood to be the “mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother” is rather unclear, particularly as the initiatives undertaken and promoted by this website contradict the values and principles laid out by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother themselves.

The OF claims to run India’s only online research institute. The editors of this website however don’t specify what they mean by “research” and how they can claim to be the only online research institute in this field.

The OF has however the unique distinction of having instituted the ‘Auro-Ratna’ Awards which according to the founders recognizes the invaluable contribution of the workers of the Aurobindonian movement. How the founders and creators of the Auro-Ratna award have given themselves the self-appointed right to sit in judgement of people who are contributing to the Aurobindonian movement is very questionable. In other words one may ask how do they determine whether a humble sadhak engaged in washing dishes at the Ashram Dining Room or sweeping the floor in service to the Divine is contributing less to the Aurobindonian movement compared to say someone who goes around the country or the world giving lectures on Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and posing as a scholar, professor or self-appointed visionary?

Or is the Auro-Ratna award designed to fabricate and promote a select class of sadhaks and “workers” who as a result of their annointed status have a right to decide and dictate what consists contribution to the Aurobindonian movement or not?

While the OF claims that it is not a religious organization its modus operandi as well as those who contribute and participate on the blog give hints of the opposite. The Auro-Ratna award is one such instance where ordinary mortals get elevated to Saint-Hood status, following which their work cannot be questioned.

While the OF claims to  aspires to be a centre of research and spiritual learning, time will tell whether it will ever contribute to the existing research and spiritual learning that is already available in plenty on this subject both within and around Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and their Ashram. Or whether the OF would have proven to be another attempt at establishing a new power center that seeks to take over the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother in order to make it their exclusive property, which they will manage according to the preferences of those who have earned the distinction of having earned the Auro-Ratna award.


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