Introduction (TLOSA)

Introduction to website:

The website “” or commonly known as “” amid certain circles was founded, edited and administered by Sraddhalu Ranade and his associates like Raman Reddy, Alok Pandey, etc. However Sraddhalu Ranade has always cleverly stayed behind the scenes and has always got others to stick their neck out, sully their hands and affix their names as the editors or administrators.

After Sraddhalu Ranade and Raman Reddy filed a court case against the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, they announced their resignation as editors of the website – presumably to avoid being charged contempt of court – giving rise to the appearance of characters unheard of till then like Karthik Srinivasan and Prof. Kamal Das.

The similarity in language and the great familiarity with the complex subjects discussed on the website indicate that Karthik Srinivasan and Prof. Kamal Das either have great capacities to pick up and articulate complex issues in an incredibly short span of time or that Sraddhalu Ranade is able to transmit his knowledge to others just like data is transferred from one computer to the other.  Sraddhalu Ranade’s much publicized interest and alleged expertise in the domain of Artificial Intelligence might shed some light on this.


One Response to Introduction (TLOSA)

  1. Is there any doubt that peter Heehs and all his demonic colligues have come to sri Aurobindo Ashram with the sole motivation to tarnish the image of Sri Aurobindo as their teacher Geofry another rascal have done in his book “Child of Kali” with Sri RamKrishna ParamHansa…?And there are always enough no. of Pishachas in America to do such nasty things in India…Are’nt they getting money from oher Chrischian missionaries and Vetican Church..These rascals are doing nasty things in India and want to be appriciated?.And surely they would find their keens here even in India….for demons are everywhere same…they may vary in garb but their food is same..trying to tarnish Divine Name..and personalities,for demons can never admire truth or worshipper of truth…they know only to beak at divine personalities….This bastard Peter heehs is here solely for his demonic endshe would meet one day his fate….they are many in Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives doing this kind of work,..trying to disfigure Sri Aurobindo’s writtings and throwing mud at the great Master…and they complin againgt disciples of Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga How wonder? a demond sitting on the divine literary body of Sri Aurobindo mutilaling it and putting his american vulgarity imagining in Sri Aurobindo and he doesn’t want to be disturbed while ong such ugly and demonic vaticanian things to Sri Aurobindo’s divine Literature….Such bunch of rascals would not succeed though…it’s holy duty of true seekers of divine and devotees of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo to drive these demons from Sri Aurobindo shram and even from Auroville where these demons feed on Auroville money and dance like cannibals in their demonic communoties..Auroville should have been a city of divine dawn but it has entered in voluminous,ominus dakness y the deeds of these kind of demonic cultssurely they could do such ghastly things in Europe,America…but since they represent veticanian demonic creed…they have come to Auroville to smother the divine dawn..!Sri Aravinday Namah!

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