Our Critique (TLOSA)

Sraddhalu Ranade and his associate editors as well as the various persons who have tried to contribute to the TLOSA.com website clearly seem have mistaken the word “critique” with “criticism.”

In spite of the tall claims that the TLOSA.com is “committed to objective, academic, respectful and honest discussions” on the book “The Lives of Sri Aurobindo”, the website does just the opposite and is aimed at slandering against, throwing mud at and vilifying it’s author, Peter Heehs.

Most of the comments that have been made about the book and its author are completely subjective, biased, judgmental and guided by personal preferences. Instead of focussing on the book’s content, the critics are more interested in judging the author’s intentions, quickly condemning him and calling him a pervert, even a deamon.

There is an attempt to give the criticism and personal persecution an academic hue. However, the superficiality and bias of the analysis immediately exposes the limited scope of the criticism.

But nothing beats the fallacy of the claims that the criticism is respectful and honest! The website is not only rife with misinformation, containing and deliberately planting information that is inaccurate and falsely misleading, but it is clearly designed to insult assassinate the author’s character, as well as that of those who are directly and indirectly associated to him.


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