The Internet Era has facilitated the dissemination of information. However, this phenomenon has also facilitated the spreading of inaccurate and even deliberately misleading information.

In our Aurobindonian collective, we have benefited largely from the availability of information and material related to Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, their work, the institutions that they created like the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville and also by bringing together the larger Aurobindonian collective.

However, in recent times the internet has been increasingly used – or misused one may say – to spread inaccurate and even deliberately misleading information particularly to malign, attack or discredit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and even sections of the Aurobindonian collective.

But more often than not, these acts are done not so much as acts of freedom of expression or to create awareness, but they are clearly designed to promote a certain individual’s or a small group’s personal opinions, beliefs, motives and agendas.

The recent times have therefore seen an increase in websites, blogs, internet fora, etc., that have been disseminating and propagating information that is either blatantly false or deliberately misleading and inaccurate or that slyly sow the seeds of doubts in people’s minds. This is done in order to create Myths that over time tend to establish themselves as beliefs that take the appearance of “Truths”, which these personally motivated individuals or groups exploit for their limited ends.

This website therefore wishes to provide information that is required to weed out and dispel all the myths and misinformation that have been created over time. This is done with the hope and intention to help those who are interested to find and create a more balanced, reasonable and truthful atmosphere within the Aurobindonian collective.

We are not suggesting that the institutions that Sri Aurobindo and The Mother have established, such as the Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Auroville, are free of problems or cannot be criticized. Everyone is free to poke their nose into the internal affairs of these institutions or criticize them to their heart’s content if it so pleases them.

But we are of the opinion that the manufacturing of non-existent problems that are born out of myths and falsehoods – more often than not mischievously planted by individuals or groups that have personal agendas to execute – and the unjustified and baseless criticism that is publicly propagated to wrongly influence public opinion is unethical, immoral and unacceptable.

For instance there is a considerable amount of confusion that has been generated around the editing of Sri Aurobindo’s poem Savitri. Because the issues concerning the editing of the Savitri poem are complex, these issues have provided a fertile ground for the creation of myths and related controversies that have been used to the hilt to exploit people’s sentiments.

But more often than not a common sense approach to understand and evaluate the issues however complex is all that is required. Therefore, the issues presented here will be analyzed with the use of supporting information as well as with a good dose of common sense. Because common sense like a gust of wind can easily bring down the top-heavy edifices of Myths and Falsehoods which like a house of cards can quickly come crashing down.

Finally, we are well aware of the fact that “a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Lies therefore tend to have a head-start over Truth, and they can travel around world much faster these days with the help of the internet. But we also know that when Truth has put on its shoes, it’s only a matter of time before it catches up, overtakes and outlives the fast but short-lived lies, even if these have a head start of a few decades.

Truth has now certainly put on its shoes, is well warmed up and ready to give the mischievous creators of lies and myths a good run for their money.

As is oft repeated “Cling to Truth!”



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