Welcome to Auro Truths:

This website is still is under construction. Content for several of the menus and their pages is still under preparation and will be published as and when it’s ready. As there is no set deadline for any of this work and as the information is likely to keep getting updated, those who are interested in the information that is being published here are welcome to keep visiting this website in order to follow the progress that is being made.

Unlike most blog sites, this website is designed more as a conventional website where more emphasis is given to the pages rather than the posts. However, unlike conventional websites that are static, the format of a blog site allows interaction to take place between the readers and the various people who interact on and contribute to this website. The interaction with the readers will take place on the topics that are contained in each of the pages and will enable the information on this website to be dynamic. Readers shall  provide their feedback or inputs in the comments section of each of the respective pages.

We welcome the patronage of this website by the Aurobindonian collective, especially by those who want to put an end to the spreading of spurious, inaccurate, deliberately misleading and false information concerning Sri Aurobindo, The Mother and the institutions such as the Sri Auobindo Ashram and Auroville that they founded.


3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Pradeep Samal says:

    Good to see your website!

  2. Parvati says:

    Your website is a most wonderful initiative.
    It is still a faint light but it shows the end of the tunnel.
    The “Aurobindonian collective” is already indebted to you.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Auro Truths says:

    Dear Pradeep, Parvati,
    Thank you for your comments of appreciation.
    We have indeed some way to go in order to dispel the Myths that have been deliberately and systematically fabricated to satisfy the “interests” of a few whose existence depends on such misinformation. This has been happening since a few decades, first by word of mouth but now increasingly in cyberspace.
    Fortunately for us, Truth is Eternal whereas Myths are short-lived. All we are doing here therefore is to accelerate the expiry of these Myths.
    Auro Truths

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